Sarawak, also known as ‘The Land of Hornbills’ is situated northwest on the wild island of Borneo. Strong primeval forces and tribal traditions still resonates in every corner of Sarawak, from longhouses to the majestic highlands, from nostalgic city alley-ways to vibrant rivers that runs through the lavish splurge of rainforest canopies, it is a refuge for wildlife and home to 27 ethnic groups each with its own language and culture. This third largest island in the world is seeped in old-world charm. Vast cave networks, limestone needles and stunning pinnacles of the Mulu National Park, the vast expanse of virgin rainforests in the Bako National Park, buildings dating back to the days of White Rajahs in a city of native allure and colonial charm, Kuching. Sarawak endowed with the world’s richest and most diverse ecosystem.


Upside Down House Kuching