About Us



Penang Tourist Association (PTA) was established on 26 th November 1972 and officially incorporated on 16 th March 1984. According to record,PTA is the oldest Tourism NGO in Penang. It always acted as an umbrella body for the practitioners of tourism industry in Penang and in ensuring the success and sustainable growth of the tourism sector by working closely with industry players.

In late 80’s, it made into an incorporated company which is Limited by Guarantee. And in 1992, the name was changed to Penang Tourist Centre and today managed by a team of directors under the chairmanship of Dato’ Syed Mohamad Aidid Bin Syed Murtaza. Penang Tourist Centre’s primary objective is the marketing and promotion of tourism for the State of Penang. As tourism is the second income generating sector, Penang Tourist Centre is striving to ensure that tourism remains an important economic pillar and continues to promote and market Penang as a world-class holiday destination.

In the effort of promoting Penang, Penang Tourist Centre had directly contributed to the overall development of the Penang tourism sector on both national and international level and to support the current needs of the global tourism market.

Today, Penang Tourist Centre stands tall by contributing in research and development and developing new tourism products and packages. This is in order to cater the need and demand of domestic and international tourist with many of its packages turned out to be the signature packages for the state of Penang.